Studi Kasus pada komunitas Kpop BLINK pada akun @reaction_blackpink

  • Nur yanto
  • Femi Oktaviani Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi ARS University Bandung
Keywords: community, new media, instagram, social media


K-popers or music lovers and Korean culture have spread and developed in various ages. This research lays the focus on communities that like Kpop, especially Blackpink girlband fans who already have a lot of fans on the ground. Through this research, it is shown how the meaning of the K-pop community, how the members interpret the Idol. This study also discusses the use of Instagram by the Kpop Blink community in maximizing the need to share information and communication with their Kpop idols. In this research the approach used is qualitative and for the method the researcher uses case studies. To obtain data results, the study uses references from two sources, namely from primary data and secondary data. Primary data in the form of Instagram @reaction_blackpink accounts and information obtained from interviews with several informants and secondary data itself in the form of data that can be obtained from books and other sources. New media theory is used in this study. For data collection, using several methods, namely observation, interviews, online data search and library data. The results of this study indicate that the Blackpink fan community commonly called Blink uses Instagram as a medium to provide communication and information needs related to their idols.